Nova Raider International

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News and Announcements News and Announcements 3 0 looking for moderators by MisterXmod on 13/01/17 22:09.
Patch Notes Official updates to the game will be posted here. 34 25 Version 3.1 by Star_Gazer on 23/02/17 01:37.
Nova Raider Events Events on Nova Raider 50 43 new championship by MisterXmod on 22/03/17 22:27.
The Nova Raider Team on International 1 Your Trusted Team 2 0 Moderator Application by -|-HWK-|- on 21/04/14 21:18.

The Game

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Game Help and Information Please look for help here before posting 38 44 Galaxy 10 by [CL] Sojourner [DE/I… on 01/06/15 13:16.
Guild Guide Description of the new Guild System 1 0 Guild Guide by -|-HWK-|- on 26/10/13 03:49.
Rules and Guidelines Rules and Guidelines for the game, chat etc. 2 0 Nova Raider Chat Rules by EXODUS on 04/11/13 20:18.
Links to Wiki Here you will find links from wiki! 10 7 Complete Guide to Research by ΣXODUS on 02/06/13 19:51.
FAQ Here you find all Frequently asked questions 23 26 Galaxy 10 by [CL] Sojourner [DE/I… on 01/06/15 13:16.


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Player Feedback Here you can reveal your opinion about the newest updates in the game! 54 552 New Headquarters Defense Level... by Star_Gazer on 16/03/17 05:28.
Ask Our Team Any questions you may have here 58 242 New Rule (will cover all probl... by LOVES TO BE HATED ᵗᵘ… on 23/03/17 22:24.
Bugs & Problems You can talk about problems or bugs you encounter here. 15 90 Farming by Star_Gazer on 01/03/17 00:48.
General discussion Talk about anything else here. 20 97 Sublinet - you destroyed Nova ... by Star_Gazer on 14/03/17 05:15.
Guilds Present yourself or your guild here 65 137 Traktor Search guild after kic... by Trakki´Back to do Ch… on 13/03/17 21:44.
Players Looking For Guilds Present yourself here 18 24 Traktor Search guild after kic... by Trakki´Back to do Ch… on 13/03/17 21:44.
Guilds Looking For Players Present your guild here! 42 108 [FR] Seyf [OUVERT] by Tor on 14/07/16 04:47.
Media Post your pictures and video's here 80 270 AP .. by ŁĚĞΣЙĐΣ χ βŰŇβǕŁŁβĬ[… on 21/01/17 13:23.

Suggestions: Got an Awesome Idea for the Game? Post it Below:

Many suggestions had to be moved to the rejected because the rules were not followed.
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Guidelines for Posting Suggestions (Please Read First) 1 0 Read Before Posting by EXODUS on 08/09/13 18:07.
Weapons and Gear ideas got an idea for new equipment? 41 382 Skins for uranium by Player_2627451 on 26/02/17 18:01.
PVP ideas put your suggestions for the player vs. player here 17 139 Why support is the strongest s... by Player_2627451 on 26/02/17 18:13.
Maps: Boss, Headquarters, & Galaxy Ideas Got any improvements and ideas on the maps? 46 297 galaxy11 improvement ideas by ✦✧iNSaNiTY✧✦ [=XTC=] on 19/03/17 04:37.
All other Suggestions Can't find a spot for your idea? Put it here. 53 314 Appear as offline suggestions by ƊΕAΝΝA [INT★] on 21/03/17 07:18.


Posts that are outdated or ignored
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Ask Our Team 69 305 Deutsche Moderatoren by ★Terrorkeks★ on 02/03/15 11:41.
General Discussion 59 376 How is the first whos boss det... by Star_Gazer on 01/03/17 01:01.
Past Suggestions 548 3093 Star Life saver OP for support... by HΞCTOR ™ [INT★] on 02/03/16 12:27.